Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New camera!

Hey all. I'm sure that if you are looking at the page you notice that the video quality of the videos with both Kenny and I is clearly superior to the video quality of the videos of my solo tastings. That's because he had a nice HD Flip camera, and I was using my old digital picture camera's video feature. But no more! I've got my own flip now, and I can do solo beer reviews in HD glory, or at least close to it, as we scale down the quality a bit so we aren't loading 1.2 gig files all the time. This should help me get better video and pics up on the website, and inspire me to do some videos of my cooking processes! YAY!

We've been busy posting beer reviews on you tube as well. We have about 5 more beer tastings shot, and I've got almost a 12 pack of beers waiting to be reviewed in the fridge. Kenny's got like 3 cases in his fridge! We've got some great stuff coming, such as:

Lost Abbey Angel's Share in Bourbon Barrels,
Lost Abbey Angel's Share in Brandy Barrels,
All 4 of the sierra nevada 30th anniversary beers,
Ninkasi's Sleigher,
Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti,
Russian River Consecration

And much more!

Stay tuned to American Beer TV!

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