Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Camera! Part 2 Flip and Playsport camera reviews.

So after the flip died on me after 5 days and 2 uses, I didn't want to risk getting another one. I went with the Kodak Playsport, which was the same price ($129) has higher video quality (shoots in 1080p HD vs the flip's720) and uses a removable memory card so I can select how much video I want to shoot at one time. Also, the Playsport shoots in uncompressed .mov format, while the Flip automatically compresses your video down to .MP4, reducing your quality before you get your video out of the camera. Thats why it can do two hours of HD video on 2 gigs, while the playsport uses an 8 gig memory card to get an hour and a half of HD video.

The playsport wasn't my first choice, I originally was looking at the kodak Zi8, which is about $179, but has a audio in jack so I could use an external mic. However, Best Buy was out of that model, and I didn't have the cash for the increased cost and a new mic.

The Playsport is supposed to be waterproof, which I don't really care about, but I guess I could just drop it in a glass of beer and shoot really Beer Video! :-) Beer goggles FTW!

The last two solo tastings were shot with the kodak, and I think it's a great increase in image quality.

Another camera to avoid would be the RCA small wonder. We picked up one of those and the image quality was horrible. What do you expect for a $50 video cam?

So in summary, Flip bad, Playsport good!
Back to the beer!


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