Friday, February 11, 2011

American Beer TV - Beer 101 - Founding Fathers of Craft Beer Part 2 - Continuing from our last video, we explore and taste the beers of the founding fathers of craft beer.

Fritz Maytag of Anchor Steam
Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada,
Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co.
The Matt Family of Sarnac Brewing,
Greg Fish of Deschutes brewing
Jack Joyce and Bob Woodell of Rogue Brewing

From their tiny islands of real beer flavor awash in the sea of macrobrewery swill, these pioneers of beer crafted the mountains of revolution, changing the face of beer forever.

Take some time and re-experience the joy of discovering that moment when you found out that beer doesn't have to be just pale light lagers, and if you haven't had the pleasure of trying these beers, give them a shot. Although some may seem pedestrian daily drinkers now, they were the Double IPA's and Bourbon Barrel aged stouts of their day!


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