Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 34 - The Bruery Loakal Red Loakal red by the Bruery is an Orange County exclusive with a nice hop note and full bodied crystal malts to back it up. This beer is highly recommended so beg, borrow or trade to get this beer.

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 33 - Firestone Walker Double Jack Double IPA : Firestone Walkers Double Jack IPA clocks in at 9.5% ABV. Surprisingly this IPA accentuates the sweet maltiness of the alcohol, instead of the hops. There are definitely hops in abundance, but I was surprised by the amount of sweetness this IPA had.


American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 32 - Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA : We've got another daily drinker review for you, Firestone Walkers Union Jack IPA. 7.5% ABV. This one is not aged in barrels, which is a little rare for Firestone. It's got a rather sweet taste, and not overwhelming on hops, but still with enough hops to let you know that it's an IPA. Overall a good american craft beer.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 32: Firestone Walker California Pale Ale : Firestone Walker's California Pale ale makes for a great daily drinker at 4.8% Nice hop aroma and flavor, but nothing to strong. A nice solid example of American Craft Beer!


American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 31 - New Belgium Hoptober : Hoptober by New Belgium Brewing Co. in Colorado is a very balanced light sessionable beer. 6.0 % very balanced between malt and hop flavors.

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 30 - Avery Brewing Ellie's Brown Ale : Today we bring you a rich malty brown ale by Avery Brewing company out of Boulder Co. This is Ellie's Brown Ale. 5.5% ABV. Nice, easy drinking sessionable brown ale. Enjoy!

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 28: Firestone-Walker 14th Anniversary Ale Firestone Walker Brewing Co out of Paso Robles Ca. has a different take on their Anniversary series. This beer is a blend of 6 different barrel aged beers, most of which are barley wines.
Here are the details of the beers that went into making this massive beer!
Blending details from the Press Release:

Double Double Barrel Ale (10.9% ABV) (31%)
* Aged 100% in retired Firestone Union Barrels
* Double Strength English Pale Ale
* OG= 24.0P FG=5.8P IBU=30 Color = 16
* A Double version of our flagship created by Ali Razi

Sticky Monkey (12% ABV) (29%)

* Aged in Bourbon and Brandy Barrels
* English Barley Wine
* OG = 24P FG = 4.5P IBU = 45 Color = 28
* Brewed with Mexican Turbinado (Brown) sugar

Parabola (13% ABV) (27%)

* Aged in Bourbon Barrels
* Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout
* OG=30P FG=7.5P IBU=80 Color=Black
* Hopped with Simcoe, Bravo, Styrian Golding and East Kent Golding

Velvet Merkin (6% ABV) (7%)

* 100% Aged in Bourbon barrels
* Traditional Oatmeal Stout
* OG= 15P FG=5.5 IBU=32.5 Color= Black
* 15% Oats, Hopped with 100% US grown Fuggles

Good Foot (13% ABV) (3%)

* Aged in Bourbon Barrels
* American Barley Wine
* OG = 23P FG = 5.5P IBU = 80 Color = 26
* Brewed with copious amounts of American grown hops

Black Xantus (11% ABV) (3%)

* Aged in Bourbon Barrels
* Coffee Infused Imperial Stout
* OG= 27P FG = 6.8P IBU = 55 Color Black
* Rich Stout made with Mexican Coffee roasted locally by Joebella Coffee Company


American Beer TV: Beer News - 2010 Beer in review Taking a look at American craft beer in 2010. Kenny and Bill discus the top breweries, beers and events of the year.

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 27: Firestone-Walker 13th Anniversary Ale This is a blend of 6 barrel aged beers, 12% abv and super yummy.

Heres a detail of the beers that were blended into the 13th anniversary ale!

39% of final blend:

Parabola (13% ABV) -- aged in bourbon barrels
-Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout (brewed 04-30-09 and 09-17-09)
OG = 28P FG = 7.5P IBU = 80 Color = Black
Hopped with Simcoe, Bravo, Styrian Golding and East Kent Golding

24% of final blend:

Bravo (11% ABV) -- 2 barrel varieties- bourbon (50%), brandy (50%)
-Imperial Brown Ale (brewed 2-10-09
OG = 22P FG = 4.8P IBU = 35 Color = 32
Hopped 100% with U.S. grown Fuggles

15% of final blend:

Velvet Merkin (6% ABV) -- aged in bourbon barrels
-Traditional Oatmeal Stout (brewed 10-02-08)
OG = 15P FG = 5.5P IBU = 32.5 Color = Black / 15% Oat
Hopped with 100% U.S. grown Fuggles

6% of final blend:

Opal (11% ABV) -- aged in rye barrels
-Wheat Wine (brewed 2-25-08)
OG = 22.4P FG = 6.2P IBU = 45 Color = 17
Brewed with torrified and malted wheat, lightly hopped with Saaz

6% of final blend:

Rufus (11% ABV) -- aged in rye barrels
-Continental Imperial Amber Ale (brewed 8-17-07)
OG = 22.5P FG = 4.5P IBU = 40 Color = 15
Brewed with Belgian dark candi syrup, hopped with Styrian Goldings and Saaz

6% of final blend:

Double Double Barrel Ale (10.9% ABV) -- aged 100% in retired FW union barrels
-Double English Pale Ale (brewed 12-03-08)
OG = 24.0P FG = 5.8P IBU = 30 Color = 16
A double version of our flagship created by Cellar Master, Ali Razi

4% of final blend:

Saucerful of Secrets (9% ABV) -- aged in bourbon barrels
-Belgian Strong Ale (brewed 10-30-07)
OG = 23.4P FG = 6.1P IBU = 25 Color = 39
Brewed with Belgian dark candi sugar and everything else but the kitchen sink

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 26: The Bruery Three French Hens The Bruery 3 French Hens is a winter seasonal 75% Belgian-Style Dark Ale,25% Ale Aged in French Oak 10% abv!/americanbeertv

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 25: Goose Island Matilda Beer tasting Goose Island Matilda a Belgian style pale ale 7% abv. This was an amazing beer very complex which lead to a great discussion about the beer. Goose Island is a micro brewery in Chicago Il.!/americanbeertv

American Beer TV: Beer Tasting 24: Goose Island Pere Jaques - Beer Tasting - Pere Jaques - Today on American Beer TV, Kenny and Bill are trying Pere Jaque from Goose Island Brewing company in Chicago. This belgian dubbel style ale has tremendous flavor and is a perfect compliment to robust hearty meals. Definetly get your hands on this one if you can!

American Beer TV: Beer 101 Part 8 - Defining Trappist Ales - Beer 101 The question is asked what are the differences between an Abbey Ale and a Trappist Ale? Bill breaks it down and gives us a little history behind Trappist Ales.

Belgian Beers are rich in not only flavor, but also history and tradition as well. There are many different categories of Belgian style beers. The Beer Judge Certification Panel, who qualifies beer judges and oversees most of the beer competitions in the U.S. lists 15 distinct styles of Belgian beer. Here they are.
Witbier – a light colored ale normally made with spices like orange peel and coriander
Belgian Pale Ale – an amber to copper colored ale brewed with Belgian yeast strains without spices
Saison – a light colored seasonal (Saison means season) ale based on a historical tradition
Biere De Garde –means “beer for keeping”. Three styles exist, blond, amber and brown.
Belgian Specialty Ale – A catch all category for varieties of the above that set it apart.
Flanders Red – reddish colored ale that usually has sour notes
Flanders Brown – brown ale, rather malty but normally sour as well
Straight Lambic – sour ale created by using wild yeast, usually light in color
Gueuze – light colored ale with sour notes, similar to a Saison but with that wild yeast sourness
Fruit Lambic – a lambic style ale brewed with fruit. Raspberry, apple and cherry are common
Belgian Blond Ale – Very light sweet ale, also can be considered a “Single” Belgian ale
Belgian Dubbel – brewed with twice as much malt as Belgian Blond, can be darker with higher ABV
Belgian Tripel – brewed with three times as much malt as Belgian Blond, normally dark with high ABV
Belgian Golden strong ale – Light colored ale brewed with a high ABV.
Belgian Dark Strong Ale – Dark, strong and hearty. Can be called “Quads”
Any Belgian you find in stores or on tap at your favorite establishment should fall into one of these catagories. The Belgian blonde, Dubbel, tripels, witbiers and saisons are probably the most common forms you will encounter, while the sour ales and lambics are pretty rare. I highly recommend trying to find beer of each category just to experience the width and breadth of Belgian beer.
Go drink some craft beer!

American Beer TV: Stone Vertical Epic 10-10-10 - Beer Tasting - Stone Brewing Co. Vertical Epic Ale is the 8th beer in the series of Belgian inspired ales. 10-10-10 is a Belgian Golden Ale brewed with Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, and Gew├╝rztraminer grapes. Once again Stone Brewing Company is taking craft beer to the next level. Everyone is aging their beer in wine and spirit barrels why not brew with the wine and see what effect you get. I personally liked this beer, it wasn’t the best beer I have ever had but it was unlike anything I have ever had. The base of this beer is a Belgian style Golden Ale brewed with pale malt and triticale malt which has a flavor profile in-between wheat and rye. The addition of grapes ads a nice twist to the simple ingredients used to brew this beer. Stone was smart about how the fermented this beer, they added the wine juice half way through the primary fermentation so that the wine flavors wouldn’t over power the beer. This process allows the beer to develop first. I doubt that this will be the last time we see a beer like this on the market.

American Beer TV: Beer 101 Part 6 - Aroma - Beer 101 Part 6 Aroma -Conversation over Hennepin Saison about smelling your beer and truly enjoying the flavor and aroma. Kenny and Bill discus why you should take your time to appreciate craft beer and what it has to offer.

American Beer TV: Ommegang Hennepin Saison - Beer Tasting - Ommegang Brewery Hennepin Saison Farmhouse Ale from Cooperstown New York. Kenny and Bill taste this wonderful example of a farmhouse Saison. Light and sweet, this beer masks its 7.7% ABV very well. A great introduction to craft beer.

American Beer TV: The Bruery Black Tuesday! - Beer Tasting - Black Tuesday is a 19.5% Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels for a year and released on October 29th to mark the day of the great stock market crash in 1929. One of the first beers ever brewed by the Bruery in Placentia, Ca. had to age for a year before anyone could get a taste of this truly amazing beer.
My buddy Bill sent me a message stating that he had a bottle of Black Tuesday and thought it would be a good idea to shoot a video about it. I nearly crapped my pants and replied yes instantly. I had heard about the beer and knew it was super hard to get but didn't know too much about the style of beer. I quickly started to search around the net for some info and found some interesting tasting notes along with praise of how rare the beer was. Some said it was the most soughed after beer in America so I began to prep myself for how it was going to taste.
Everyone seemed to give it a high rating and commented on the vanilla profile and the rich malt. But reading about it could not prepare me for what I was about to taste. From the second the bottle was opened you could smell the bourbon but once I got the beer to my nose it went away and the overpowering aroma of the malt took over. Tasting the beer changed everything again it was like this exotic chocolate elixir. Flavors of dark chocolate, burnt toffee, and warming alcohol came through strong with subtle flavors of vanilla and dried fruits. Because this beer was so full of alcohol and complex flavors it continued to change as we drank and the beer warmed up.
I have to say that this was a great beer experience and I am grateful for Bill bringing the beer over.
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