Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cooking for the Superbowl!

I have a lot of cooking to do this weekend! I can't wait! I'm heading to the grocery store tonight to stock up.

First I have a potluck on Friday for my office. The theme is the Superbowl, of course. So I figure I will be putting the soup back in Superbowl!

Then this month's Paper Chef is up. It looks like the winner from last month's contest has selected Prawns, Sweet Peppers, Fennel, and PASSION, as the ingredients. Read more about the passion part on her blog Show Food Chef.

I was grabbing some chinese food last night while checking the paper chef ingredients on my phone. Low and behold here was my fortune!

Can't really read it can you? I know my phone is crap.. I need to invest in a better phone/camera soon.

It says, "A solid challenge will bring forth your finest abilities." However it was all in caps, so it was yelling at me. This is the proverbial gauntlet being thrown directly towards my feet! Reading about Paper Chef and getting that fortune within 5 minutes? It's fate I tell ya.

I will have the double pleasure of cooking it for my superbowl get together and inflictin... er, um, sharing my triumph with my loved ones!

And that of course is the third event! Superbowl sunday itself. I will have to fire up some coals and put on an array of goodies!

Stay tuned!

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